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Want to see YOUR game on our site?ee YOUR game on our site?

Email Us the following details to: Admin@onlinefreeminigames.com

Your Name
Author If different than above
Contact Email
Game Name
Genre As per the genres displayed on our site
Game Description 128 Characters max (only a-z 0-9 , . - )
Width Maximum of 800px
Height Maximum of 1024px
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Prefered Format .swf flash file
Including Mochi-Leaderboard
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100x100 .jpg

  • Games must not contain any sexual, racial, or any other offensive materials.
  • All games submitted are reviewed for quality and content prior to being added to the games database.
  • Submission of a game does not mean automatic approval.
  • By submitting these details you are confirming that you're either the author, or have the authors explicit permission to distibute this game. Flash Gaming Network takes no responsibility for content submitted by other members and any materials in breach of copyright will be removed immediately.
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